Our Tax Specialist provide a range of tax services including Annual Tax Compliance for Corporate and Individuals, ad-hoc Tax Planning and Consultancy, Goods & Services Tax services and Tax Advisory.

1. Annual tax compliance for corporate and individuals

(a) furnishing and filing estimate chargeable income (for corporate income tax only);
(b) preparing and filing tax return and tax computation together with supporting schedules;
(c) reviewing, advising on Notices of Assessment and other correspondences received from Tax Office;
(d) providing advice for purpose of the annual tax compliance.


2. Ad-hoc tax planning and consultancy

The above is requested by clients on an ad-hoc basis which includes structuring of business entities or transactions to minimize overall tax liability and to furnish information or advice on an important tax issue e.g Singapore withholding tax, etc.


3. Goods & services tax services or advisory

Assisting clients to apply for GST registration and de-registration, annual review of GST returns filed in the past financial years to detect and report errors early and to render advice on difficult GST issues.

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